Surface Pro 3 The tablet that can replace your laptop

Microsoft recently unveiled the Surface Pro 3, a super-light tablet the company says will replace your laptop. The Surface Pro 3 features a 12-inch screen and is capable of running PC applications as well as acting like a traditional tablet, depending on the situation or project. It’s impressive at merely 800 grams and 9.1 mm […]

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Apple’s new programming language “Swift”

  Apple announced  that it has developed a successor to its venerable Objective C with a language it’s calling Swift. Providing a new language with “none of the baggage of C,” Swift code can still be mixed with standard C and Objective C code in the same project. Swift seems to get rid of Objective […]

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Samsung’s Tizen operating system

Samsung Electronics Co. said it will begin selling a smartphone that runs on its Tizen operating system in the third quarter of this year, advancing the company’s plans to reduce dependence on Google’s Android software. Tizen is already used in a few Samsung products including a smartwatch but has not been deployed in a mass […]

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A Driverless car by Google

Google will build a car without a steering wheel. It doesn’t need one because it drives itself. Those cars have Google-employed “safety drivers” behind the wheel in case of emergency. The new cars would eliminate the driver from the task of driving. No steering wheel, no brake and gas pedals. Instead, buttons for go and […]

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