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Java8 has been released with a many new features and no doubt these new features are very useful and very interesting to use such as Lambda expressions.

So have a look on java 8's features :

Lambda Expressions 

Lambda Expressions, a new language feature, has been introduced in this release.They enable you to treat functionality as a method argument, or code as data. Lambda expressions let you express instances of single-method interfaces (referred to as functional interfaces) more compactly.

Methods References

Method references provide easy-to-read lambda expressions for methods that already have a name.

New Api for Date and Time 

A new set of packages that provide a comprehensive date-time model.

New Stream Api

Improved Type Interface

Method parameter References

Repeating Annotations 

Repeating Annotations provide the ability to apply the same annotation type more than once to the same declaration or type use.

Type Annotations

Type Annotations provide the ability to apply an annotation anywhere a type is used, not just on a declaration. Used with a pluggable type system, this feature enables improved type checking of your code.