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I am going to start with a basic description for java variables because variables in any language are very useful works as a building block for any program , so lets start...

First of all What is meaning of word variable it means not having a fixed pattern. Its a container hold a value for u ,  When we define a variable with value at beginning of  any program after some code we can change  value of that variable , of course there are lots of other benefits of variables in java ....so we will describe later.

A variable is also called field so do not confuse . In java we can define  variables as :

1. Instance variables

2. Class variables

3. Local variables

1. Instance variables : A variables which also called non static field define with out static keyword and value of instance variable are unique for each instance of a class.

Note : you can not use instance variable in static method till you can not create a object of that class having instance variable.

2. Class variables : A variable with static modifier and value of a static field is same in all over code and we use it by class name do not need to create object.

3. Local variablesA variable only visible to the method where they are declared , no any use of special keyword with local variables.

How we can use these variables:

first we have to define datatype then name of variable end with semicolon like:

int varA ;

now you can assign value to variable here e.g: int varA = 10; or you can assign value where ever you want in code. The advantage of java variable are that we can define and declare a variable any where in the code unlike C.

Working with variables

Working with variables